In November, GYEON launched their REdefined product range. This means new redesigned shapes and styles of GYEON bottles. 



So what exactly did they do?

1) For the first time ever, all Q²M maintenance products will come with sprayers mounted from the factory!

2) Added shark teeth on the bottleneck and a modified sprayer to work with it. All products now have two ISO-compliant child-resistant systems.

3) Kept the iconic crystal shape of both the lower and upper parts of the bottle, but reinforced the bottom of the bottle for more safety during shipping.

4) At the same time, GYEON extended the labeling area.



But why is a bottle important?

GYEON: “We believe how the product presents itself is a crucial element of the user experience and part of the joy our customers take from the process of cleaning their cars.

This is not it. GYEON also changed the colours of the bottles and thus transformed the look of the whole lineup.

1) All exterior cleaning and maintenance products will come in semi-transparent GYEON-blue bottles with matching sprayers.

2) All wheel and tyre products come in black bottles with black sprayers.

3) All interior, leather and fabric products are in white bottles with transparent sprayers.

4) Glass products come in traditional, fully transparent bottles with transparent sprayers.

5) The unicorn and star-product - GYEON Q²M WetCoat is the only product, which keeps it’s unique orange colour.



Bottles are also 100% recyclable. With the new design, GYEON is committed to using up to 20% of recycled raw materials. This percentage will rise as soon as the technology allows GYEON to increase it without loss of quality and presence.

GYEON REdefined does not only bring redesigned products. There will also be completely new products developed by GYEON to satisfy your every car care need. Stay tuned for 2024!

detsember 11, 2023 — Karl-Erik Eesmaa