Let’s go back to the basics. You don’t have to be a detailer to have a good car shampoo. Everyone who (occasionally) washes their car by themselves, needs to have the right shampoo for it.

As we have multiple brands to offer at Autojoy, it might get confusing while choosing the right one for you. This is why we have written this article.

First, let’s start off with GYEON. GYEON has always been unique and constantly strives to be a step ahead of the car care market, willing to win in every aspect of its business. GYEON has 5 different car shampoos to choose from:

1. Q²M Bathe - The ordinary, but legendary shampoo from GYEON. It is slick, concentrated and pH neutral. Q²M Bathe’s thick gel is naturally water-soluble, emitting a very pleasant smell, as well as producing a long-lasting foam. It is the perfect choice for daily maintenance of every vehicle. It has good cleaning power to dissolve dirt easily, but is gentle enough not to affect coatings or sealants. One of its most crucial features is its slipperiness as a shampoo, which boosts the smooth gliding of the glove over the surface of the paint. The better the slippery features, the more we are able to minimize the risk of developing new defects on the paint of our vehicle.

CONSUMPTION: 15-20ml/car



Available in 400ml / 1000ml


2. Q²M Bathe Plus - World’s first pH neutral SiO2 shampoo with instant hydrophobicity. Even a quick wash leaves a strong hydrophobic layer, repelling water, dirt and deferring the need for a next wash. The wash itself is a real joy, while the shampoo is very slick and has a scent characteristic of the whole GYEON range. Q²M Bathe+ is perfectly safe on all surfaces including paint, rims, glass and plastic and it will add instant protection to bare surfaces or boost the coating you already have on these surfaces. Bathe+ (due to the nature of SiO2) is going to produce fewer suds than Bathe. Due to the SiO2 content found in the soap, if allowed to dry on the surface, it can indeed result in high spots drying on the paint. Bathe+ is great at tackling light-moderately dirty vehicles but would still opt for one of the other shampoos in our line for vehicles that require heavy cleaning. Bathe+ is the perfect way to boost the hydrophobics of your base layer of wax or coating, but can also be used as a standalone protectant as well.

CONSUMPTION: 15-20ml/car



DURABILITY: up to 8 weeks

Available in 400ml / 1000ml / 4000ml


So, you might ask now, why even use the classic Q²M Bathe if Q²M Bathe+ is the same good stuff, while also adding a strong hydrophobic layer? The reason is simple. Q²M Bathe is meant for times when you need to just wash your car, leaving behind a pure finish, with no dirt and also no hydrophobic layer. If you’re gonna work on your car or you want to apply another good sort of a protective layer to it, then you do not need Q²M Bathe+ and its hydrophobicity to stand in your way, making your work harder.

3. Q²M Bathe Essence - This is the most concentrated pH neutral shampoo available. You’re doing washes all the time and tired of buying car shampoo so often? Then this product is for you. Even a single, 400ml bottle is enough for 80 washes. You can expect impressive cleaning power and the ability to remove dirt, grime and light organic contamination are combined with fantastic slickness and high foam.

Q²M Bathe Essence is also the ultimate choice in cleansing of coated cars. With its additional cleaning power, it allows to remove light organic contamination and helps restore the initial hydrophobicity of coating.

CONSUMPTION: 5-8ml/car



Available in 400ml / 1000ml


4. Q²M RestartWash - Owners of coated cars, look here. A coating rejuvenating shampoo. Coatings are a brilliant tool, helping you to keep your car in the best visual shape possible. However, with time or lack of proper maintenance, contamination stack-up over the coating starts inhibiting its performance. Q²M RestartWash is a concentrated and slick shampoo designed to cleanse coated surfaces from contamination effortlessly. Safe to be used on all exterior surfaces, including rims and wheel arches.

CONSUMPTION: 20-30ml/car



Available in 400ml / 1000ml


5. Q²M PPF Wash - We did not forget those, who have Paint Protection Film installed on their car. Q²M PPF Wash is an effective decontamination shampoo that can remove iron deposit from any automotive film & paint without the need to clay. Q²M PPF Wash is a 3 in 1 product – its will clean, decontaminate & restore initial properties of your PPF or vinyl film. It might be used as foam or a traditional shampoo – make it a versatile maintenance solution for your vehicle.

CONSUMPTION: 20-30ml/car



Available in 400ml


PS! All of GYEON’s car shampoos are coating safe and will not harm your car’s sealants & protective layers.

More questions or still need to clarify some things? Message us through the chat or send a letter to info@autojoy.shop!

Moving on to Auto Finesse now! Auto Finesse brings you the best detailing and car cleaning products with a stylish look from the United Kingdom.

Let’s start with the classic:

1. Auto Finesse Lather Shampoo - a powerful blend of advanced surfactants and highly-concentrated lubricants, designed to make your contact wash easier - and safer - than ever before. Lather has great smell, pH neutral surfactants and highly concentrated lubricants developed with paint-safety in mind. Whilst gentle on wax and sealant layers, the ultra lubricated, high foaming action minimises the risk of inflicting fine scratches during the wash stage, where the majority of swirl marks are inflicted. Lather offers excellent value for money and is a pleasure to use. It feels really slick in use and allows your wash mitt to glide effortlessly over underlying surfaces as you wash your car.



Available in 500ml / 1000ml


2. Auto Finesse Caramics Shampoo - a powerful ph-neutral shampoo that will boost your ceramic coatings. This rich, powerful solution is not only tough on road grime, while being delicate on any previously applied LSPs (Last Step Product), but the unique composition of next-generation ingredients actively boosts ceramic coatings, too. All the while enhancing shine and adding yet another layer of Si02 ceramic protection, every time you wash. This a shampoo you should definitely try out if you have a coated car.

CONSUMPTION: dilute to suit

Available in 500ml / 1000ml



Time for another South-Korean quality brand, CARPRO. CARPRO was the original creator of nanotechnology car detailing and continues to bring new products and fresh ideas to the masses. They strive to offer the most complete line of in-house engineered products for all car care purposes.

1. Reset - intensive car shampoo with natural active ingredients. Utilizing intelligent pH surfactants, Reset breaks down road grime and traffic films with the power of an alkaline cleaner, whilst being as gentle on the surface as a pH-neutral shampoo. Afterwards Reset quickly rinses free from the surface, leaving behind no soap residues or interfering silicones, and restoring the beading and dirt releasing properties (hydrophobicity) of the surface to help maintain its protection. Combined with excellent lubrication, a strong foaming action for improved dirt suspension, and a high dilution ratio, this makes for a highly effective and economical wash. Reset is especially known for its ability to rejuvenate and deeply cleanse silica-based coatings. It also helps the coatings release contamination from the coated surface. At the same time, Reset is almost entirely based upon naturally occurring, organic ingredients, making it as safe for the environment and for the user as it is for the vehicle.





2. Descale - powerful & versatile acidic car shampoo. Descale was designed from the ground up for reviving ceramic coatings that have had minerals build up on them. It breaks down the built-up minerals that reduce gloss and restores the smoothness of ceramic coatings, while bringing back its hydrophobic nature impaired by mineral stains! Descale is not the correct shampoo for a regular wash of a waxed or sealed car as it may remove the wax or sealant. Use Descale on coated vehicles that are subjected to hard water, have lost hydrophobics or gloss.




So, in conclusion, as always when choosing a product, there’s the brand difference factor. You like Apple more than Samsung? Get it. You like Samsung more? Get that. One thing is for certain - we only offer brands and products that we have tested and tried ourselves. This means every shampoo we have, is a great one! You can put your trust in any of the 3 brands (GYEON, Auto Finesse, CARPRO) and we guarantee that you will have a positive experience!



You might be thinking what accessories to use after choosing the right shampoo?

1. First things first, you’re going to need buckets and Auto Finesse has you covered - 2 different colours available, both with grit guards to minimize the risk of any contaminants being reapplied to your vehicle’s paintwork!


2. Now, onto what you’re going to be using when applying your car shampoo. It is time to forget about sponges. They are too abrasive and can trap dirt and grime that can damage your vehicle's paintwork.

You should be looking at wash mitts - https://autojoy.shop/collections/wash-mitts 

If you don’t have any experience yet with them, then we’ll help (we know there’s a lot of mitts to choose from). Here are 2 popular wash mitts:

GYEON Q²M Smoothie EVO - glides over the surface collecting dirt particles in the safest possible way.


Auto Finesse Noodle Microfibre Wash Mitt - durable, ultra-plush synthetic fibres wash-mitt with a more familiar ‘washing mitt’ look for beginners.


3. If you would like to go the extra mile (like ourselves) - a separate wash mitt for your wheels. 

GYEON Q²M WheelMitt - dedicated mitt for all types & shapes of wheels.


CARPRO WheelsMitt - a dedicated wheel, tire and plastic cleaning tool.


4. After washing, it is crucial that you dry your car. For that, we have a wide range of drying towels. Special microfibre towels that are designed to dry your vehicles.

GYEON Q²M SilkDryer EVO - perhaps one of the most known (and fantastic) drying towels in the detailing scene.


Auto Finesse Silk Drying Towel - ideal accessory for enthusiasts and professionals. 


CARPRO DHydrate Drying Towel - colored light grey to easily show off any possible dirt particles to help avoid swirls.



You want to go all-in to get the best result for your car that’s humanly possible - then it’s worth considering a car drying blower from Tokya. Tokya AD-12 is a compact and powerful car drying blower that utilizes its 1200W motor to efficiently dry both large surfaces of the vehicle (such as the roof, hood, and doors) and small crevices and gaps that are difficult to reach with traditional drying cloths.


november 20, 2023 — Karl-Erik Eesmaa